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Our Butcher Shop

Authentic Italian Porketta
Authentic Italian Porketta
Amber helps with the primal cuts

Another adventure begins! For years we have dreamed of having a butcher shop right here on the farm. In April 2016, we got our wish. We were fortunate to not only purchase all the butchering equipment we would need, but we were also able to receive a priceless education from two amazing butchers! It was trial by fire as we worked to retain a lifetime of skill and know-how in one short season, but we made it through and have had amazing results! Our meat now has the flavor and consistency that we have always desired. We still have much to learn as we move forward, but we are excited to now be able to offer more cuts and variety than ever before.

Slabs of Smoked Bacon
Smoked, Linked Hot Dogs
Lew works to cut perfect, even Boneless Pork Chops
Lew learns how to season from a master butcher with a lifetime of experience
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