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4 Ways to Purchase our Products:

1. Shopping directly at our Retail Farm Market

We are open year round, and encourage you to stop in and shop when you like. This option gives you the freedom to choose whatever you like, whenever you like. There is no upfront cost, no commitment, and no deposit. With this option, there are no discounts available and all meats are generally only available frozen. Also, if we are ever short on products, they are held for customers who ordered in advance, i.e. options 2 & 3.

2.Ordering Subscriptions or Bulk Orders

BULK MEAT Orders are available for customers who would like to pre-order a variety of our meat products. We prepare, package, and freeze your custom order just the way you like it! This option allows you to receive 5% discount off of orders of chicken, pork, and beef.

Our SUBSCRIPTIONS are for both eggs and produce.You can also shop whenever the Farm Market is open to pick-up your eggs and CSA-style produce. We do not determine what produce goes home; you pick exactly what you would like. Subscriptions do require a commitment and deposits for each order. You can also order your Thanksgiving Turkeys and larger cut of beef under the Subscriptions Order Form.

Select cuts of fresh chicken and pork will be available at our Farm Store in Scott Township AND our Farm Stand at the Cooperative Farmer’s Market in Scranton July through November during regular business hours.  If you are looking for specific FRESH CUTS of MEAT, please contact us directly to discuss and arrange an order.

CSA & Subscriptions Order Form

BULK MEAT Order Form

3.Receiving Farm-to-Home Delivery Orders

Our newest option is to deliver your order directly to your front door every week. This option offers the most convenience by far. You are able to receive all that we have to offer and many products from other local farmers as well, at a discounted price. Also, you aren’t receiving bulk orders, so there is no need for large freezers or extra storage. You simply choose from the list of chicken, pork, vegetable and homemade meal bundles to determine what foods you would like delivered. There are no deposits necessary, but you do need to commit to your order for at least one quarter. All meats are generally only available frozen and produce variety and amounts is determined by the farmer and the season. We also offer group delivery if you are interested in having our delicious foods delivered right to your office or workplace!

Farm-to-Home Delivery Program Order Form

Farm-to-YOU Group Delivery Program Order Form

4.Shopping at the Scranton Night Market

We recently began selling our fresh meats and eggs at the Scranton Farmers Market, so feel free to stop in Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11am-5pm. The market begins in Mid-July and ends Mid-November.

Let us know if you have any questions as you are looking through the order forms. We are more than happy to walk through the options and ordering process with you to help you make the best choices for your family!

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