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Our Farm

In 1812 Stephen Miller was the first to settle the hilly, stony soil that became Miller's Orchards. Since then, eight generations have farmed this Lackawanna County location, providing food and employment for the surrounding community. During the Great Depression, Howard D. Miller ("Grandpa Miller" to us) offered food and lodging in exchange for labor to groups of young men. In fact, it was during that era that our farm's miles of stone walls were erected. The farm and the Miller family has experienced years of plenty and years of drought, but through it all, we have stayed committed to cultivating both the land and the Northeast PA economy.


Looking at the farm's evolution, we can see that at various times it has produced dairy products, honey, vegetables, apples, hay, grain, processed fruits and vegetables, baked goods, and more recently, agricultural education through farm tours and hayrides. Our commitment is to quality, prudent innovation, and ecological nurture; who knows what we'll look like in another 100 years?


Sometimes customers ask to see "Mr. Miller," so here's where we tell you that there are no more "Mr. Millers" at Miller's Orchards anymore. Now, before you get terribly confused, let us explain... More than 60 years ago, Howard D. Miller's daughter married Walter M. Peregrim, Sr. who hailed from the Lackawanna River Valley. Several years later, Howard turned over the orchard's reins to Vera and Walter Sr., who diligently learned the orchardist craft and various other agricultural nuggets from Howard over the years. Since then, "Miller's Orchards" has been owned and operated by the Peregrims. But don't worry--we still have plenty of Miller blood flowing through our veins!


In 1992, Vera and Walter Sr's son and daughter-in-law (Walter Jr. and Robin) took over farm management, mainly planting and harvesting vegetable crops and berries. However, their main attraction became the bakery and down-home entertainment. Focused on Fall festivities and amazing homemade pies, the farm put its name on the map.


Several years ago, Walter Jr. and Robin's son, Lewis, and his wife Amber joined the family farm putting more manpower behind the farm's newly developed vision: to operate a "sustainable" agricultural enterprise that produces high quality, whole foods. By raising animals in a rotational-pasture setting and focusing on making the soil nutrient-dense in their vegetable fields and orchards, they are hoping to blaze the trail that will connect health-conscious consumers with truly natural foods.


Over the years friends and family alike have become part of the Miller's Orchards team. We like to consider EVERYONE family if they've spent a harvest season with us! Come visit, and we’ll share the experience with you, too!

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