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We are committed to providing our local community with nutrient-dense and sustainably-grown fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, and homemade foods.

 Welcome to Miller's Orchards Farm Market, an 8th generation family farm nestled between Northeast PA's Endless Mountains and the Poconos. 

We make it our goal to nurture our slice of the local eco-system with careful attention to soil rejuvenation and multi-species diversification. You won't just find us in the orchards and pastures, however, but also in our farm kitchen and butcher shop where we transform the bounty of the fields into mouthwatering foods that you can purchase fresh or frozen in our farm market.

Farm Market Hours:

       Sunday                Closed

       Monday               Closed

       Tuesday               Closed

       Wednesday         10-5

       Thursday             10-5

       Friday                   10-5

       Saturday              10-5


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